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Studio Information

Patti Rutland Jazz Headland (PRJ) staff and director will always strive to provide an education that includes discipline, respect for adults and teachers, team sportsmanship, commitment, and most importantly FUN. We believe that dance should be a fun experience that promotes self-expression, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle. At PRJ, we understand that not everyone wants to be a professional dancer. With this in mind, we will always strive to offer the best dance education possible so that your child can go as far as they desire in dance. Although we understand that dance may not be your child’s only activity, we do encourage class participation. If you register, you are considered to be enrolled for the full dance season August- May. Please go over these policies with your child to be sure that PRJ is the right dance school for you. In an effort to offer all students and their families an organized, friendly, exciting, and most importantly a fun experience, we ask that you adhere to our policies.

Studio Policies

Studio Policies:

1. Students are to arrive to class at least 10 minutes before class begins. Students that are more than 10 minutes late to class will not be admitted. (Unless called prior to time)
It is extremely important that all students warm-up their muscles before dancing to avoid injury. Warm-up occurs at the beginning of every class.

2. All monthly tuition payments are to be paid in full on the first class day of each month and no later than the 5TH of the month. The studio accepts payments via Venmo or Checks only at this time.Place student’s name and what you are paying for in the notes of Venmo or Paypal.

Payments made after the 5th of each month are subject to a $20 late charge.
Students may be asked to sit out of class if tuition is not received by the 20th of the month, unless prior arrangements have been made with management.

If paying via Venmo, make sure you send all payments via “friends and family” or your account will be charged $10 to cover the cost of the fees Venmo will charge us.

3. Please notify the studio if you will be absent from classes. Missed classes may be made up in another class of similar age and level from September to December.
Beginning in January, choreography for each class for recital will begin making it impossible to enter a class you are not familiar with.
If a student is absent between January and May the instructor will go on with the choreography and you may not be in that section of the dance. It is very hard to learn choreography and to perform at your best if you are not in class. Payments toward recital already made will not be refunded.

4. All students will abide by the studio dress code set forth by each teacher.Hair MUST be pulled back away from the face.

5. Students should arrive dressed according to the dress code and with all necessary hair accessories and shoes in the dance bag.All shoes should have the child’s name written in them.The staff assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.We do try to keep a lost and found box in case we do find items, so we recommend that you check the box for lost items.

6. Students will respect their instructors and never disrupt a class.

7. If a parent needs to speak with an instructor, please try to either make an appointment with that instructor or do so when the instructor is free, never disrupt a class.

8. Costume orders will be placed for only those costumes that have been paid for at the time of ordering, NO EXCEPTIONS.Dancers will be measured before ordering costumes. Costumes are ordered based on size charts given by the costume companies. Some costumes may be slightly larger than your child’s actual size; therefore some alterations may be needed.Shoes are not included in the costume price.All costume deposits are non-refundable, NO EXCEPTIONS.
All costumes are forfeited if your dancer quits before recital. 

9. The waiting area is available to parents while students are attending class and to students that are waiting for classes to begin.Students must be picked up from the studio within 10 minutes of the conclusion of their classes, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
Children are NOT allowed to wait outside for their rides. We request that you make arrangements to either come in to the studio to pick up your child or have them watching for you to arrive.
We will access charges of $5.00 per minute to your account if your child is left more than 10 minutes before or after their class in order to cover the charge of one of our staff members watching them.

10. Food, gum, candy, or drinks are not allowed in the classrooms. This can cause bug infestation.

11. We do not prorate any fees for missed classes or holidays. No refunds are given for classes missed. Tuition is based on a yearly basis that PRJ has divided into monthly payments to suit your needs. Therefore monthly payment amount does not change if there are 3 weeks in a month or if there are 5.
Once registered, student class placement is considered reserved for the season and it is expected to be a financial commitment for the season. Unless you formally withdraw your child from class, you will continue to be charged for class sessions until withdrawn.

12. In case of withdrawal from PRJ, the director should be notified immediately of the withdrawal from classes and a withdrawal form placed on file at the studio. The withdrawal notice MUST be given 1-month in advance. Until such time, the space will be held for the student and the charges will be invoiced to the parents or guardians of the child.
A payment schedule may be arranged for families with financial hardship, provided all fees are paid in full before the recital.
If a child quits during the season and returns, the registration fee will need to be repaid.
We encourage and ask that all students finish out the season before withdrawing to pursue other interests.

13. Please note: The studio only observes major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.We also observe time off for Spring Break. If you are unsure about whether or not we will have classes, please check with your instructor, our website, or consult the bulletin board. All studio closings will be posted in advance. We DO NOT prorate fees for time off.

14. Students will only be dismissed by the instructor.If a student needs to be excused for any reason during class, they must ask permission from the instructor.
No child will be released from class on their own accord.
For early dismissal, parents must make arrangements with the instructor prior to class starting. This policy is simply a matter of safety.

15. Proper respect for the director, staff, studio, curriculum, fellow students from PRJ and other dance studios, and the facility is EXPECTED of all parents, students, and siblings.We ask that this respect be given on or off-site at all times when participating in a studio event, performance, or out of town excursions such as competitions. Respect for others is just as important as your ability to dance.

16. Any discipline issues should be immediately brought to our attention. We will not allow bullying of any sort.

1st offense – A meeting with the student and parent with a verbal warning.

2nd offense – Same as above plus a written disciplinary note signed by student and parent. The dancer will also be suspended from class for 1 week.

3rd offense – Dismissed from Patti Rutland Jazz Headland.

17. If you feel you need to discuss certain issues with the teachers, you may do so by reserving a conference time. Our front desk staff can assist you in scheduling a time. If no one is at the desk, please email the office manager at Our teachers like to keep communication open with our parents but are not allowed to have conference time interfere with class time.

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